There are different types of accommodation to suit different needs.

Note: There is no Air Conditioner or Television in any of the rooms on the farm; however the T.V installed in the hall may be watched  by those  interested. In case of power failure,  we have a diesel generator, to take care of our needs.

  •  Rooms: Each room has an attached  bathroom  with English toilet and  a  shower.  There  are  2  double  beds  in  each  room , and  is  suitable for  a  couple  and   2-3  children.  There are 4  such rooms. The rooms  have fan,exhaust fan, tubelight and   a  40’ X 10’ balcony outside the room.


  •  Bungalows: Two  dome  shaped  bungalows exist with  2  bedrooms with attached bathroom  and  toilet in each room. Each  bungalow  has  a  mezzanine and  a hall, but  there  are no  bathrooms or  toilets  here.  The  total  accommodation  in  each bungalow, is for 15 adults. It is suitable for large extended families.


  •  Dormitories:   There  are  2 large  dormitories, with  25  beds  in  each  dormitory.Four latrines  and  3  bathrooms with shower  are  just  10  feet  away, for the  use  of  the occupants of the dormitories. It is suitable for office groups.


  •  Bamboo Cottages:  “DOCTOR’S FARM”  has  3  bamboo  cottages.  Each bamboo cottage has  2  raised  platforms  on  which   are laid  beddings  and  pillows .  Each bamboo  cottage  has  fans, lights  and  curtains  for   privacy.  A 7’ x  40’  gallery  is outside the bamboo cottages.Each cottage can accommodate upto 12 persons. The 4 bathrooms and 4 latrines for the use of its occupants are 40’  away.  Suitable     for college students and low budget picnickers.


Kindly note  that  the rates  quoted  below, are inclusive of accommodation, and all meals(including starters) unlimited, and the unlimited use of all facilities in the farm,(like fishing, artificial waterfall, water slide, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor games) except boating. Boating will be charged at Rs.50 per person for 20 mins.
The tariff differs according to the accommodation sought. All other facilities remain the same.

A typical 1 day (24 hours) stay, would consist of morning tea, breakfast, lunch, evening tea, starters and dinner. There is no check-in or check-out time.

For example  a person beginning his cycle  with  breakfast on  a  Saturday  and  wishing  to leave after evening tea on Sunday would be charged  for 1 ½ days and not 2 days i.e. 50% more than  a  one day stay.  Alternatively,  one could come for  lunch on the  first day, and end his cycle after breakfast on the next day for  his  one day  cycle. As there is no check-in or check-out timing, one could start his cycle at any time of the day,  and end at anytime. A typical   1-day  stay would consist of breakfast, lunch, tea, starters and dinner. If the stay is  extended to include one more major and minor meal, it would  be  considered  as  a  1½  days  stay. Day   picnickers  would  get breakfast,  lunch , evening  tea  and  the  use  of  all facilities, mentioned above. There  would  be  no  accommodation,  starters  or dinner. The charges would be Rs. 550/- per person.

Note:  Children  below  3 years –  no charge.  Children  above  3  years and  under 6 years  – 25%  of the adult charge. Children above  6  years  and  under 10  years – 50%  of  the adult charge. Children  10 years  and  above  will  be  fully  charged.   Servants, drivers,  ayahs will  be  charged  Rs. 700/- per  person  per  day without starters and Rs.800/- with starters  and  will  be  provided  accommodation with the rest of the staff of “DOCTOR’S FARM”. Servents and Drivers of day picnickers will be charged Rs. 350/- .

Important:  An  additional  levy  of  5%  on  the  total  bill  will  be  levied  towards  service  charges.  These  service  charges  will  be  divided  proportionately  to  the  staff ,  as  it  is  their  unstinted  co-operation  that  will  make  your  stay  most  enjoyable.  Therefore ,  NO  TIPPING  PLEASE .  All  bookings  should  preferably  be  made  in  advance .  50%  of  the  payment  payable  at  booking  and  the  balance  50%  immediately  on  arrival  at  the  farm.